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Stupidly... tight... jeans!

Stupidly… tight… jeans!

Part 5

By Gayforkurt

Summary: Our favorite male soprano had been oblivious about his skinny jeans; now he is being chased by not one but two boys. Rated M to be safe.


Disclaimer: I own nothing but this computer. All recognizable Glee characters belong to Messrs. Brennan, Falchuck, Ryan, et al.

Kurt had never felt such mixed emotions in his life. On the one hand he was flattered beyond belief that at least two hunky guys were interested in him. On the other hand, and probably more importantly, he was feeling a little claustrophobic about the fact that two hunky guys were interested in him!

What could he say, as he stared at Mercedes; all this was pretty new to him, as pathetic as that might sound.

They were, at the moment, in his room in the new house that his dad had moved them all into after he’d married Carole. He was going through his unusually extensive wardrobe – well, unusual for a high school kid – and trying to figure out what to wear later that night.

Mercedes watched her friend as he held up a pair of skinny, striped jeans in one hand and a soft, red sweater in the other, waiting for her opinion. She grinned at the look of frustration on his pale-skinned face, his puffy lips poking out in a pout.

“Look, white boy, unless you’re going to wear a garbage bag, there’s no way to cover up that body,” she declared and rolled her eyes when his mouth and eyes rounded in offended ‘o’s.

“Mercedes Jones, will you stop with that?! Jeesh!” He flung himself onto the bed beside her and stared at the clothes in his hands. All the time he’d thought he was the epitome of the fashion-forward youth, enlightening the sartorial darkness of his fellow students, a bunch of teenaged perverts had been ogling his… assets. All this time!

He turned to her with a faintly pathetic look in his big blue-green eyes and asked softly, “Do you think they think I was flaunting my… uh, you know?”

Mercedes blew a soft raspberry and stretched out flat on her back and stared up at the ceiling. She huffed impatiently before replying: “Kurt, you have to stop this. You cannot control what other people think! You are a fabulous diva with a fantastic voice who just happens to have a body that has some boys drooling. I say make the most of it, okay?”

She turned her head to stare fiercely at him. “Now, get your butt up, go make yourself even more fabulous and get ready to tease the heck out of Sam Evans!”

Kurt grinned down at his outspoken friend. He still wasn’t quite comfortable with what had happened recently but if it got him a couple of dates before his high school career ended, well, he wasn’t going to look the proverbial gift horse in the mouth.

He leaned over and dropped a quick kiss on her smooth, dark cheek and when she turned to grin at him, he whispered: “Thank you, ’Cedes, ever the voice of reason.”

“You better believe it, boo. Now, go change and let me see how good you look.”

He giggled and bounced into his en suite, happy that with them being a two-income family now they could afford a five-bedroom, four-bath house. Not having to share a bathroom with Finn was a huge plus; the overly tall youth was a bit of a slob and now it had even turned out that he might not have been as indifferent to Kurt’s ‘charms’ as he’d wanted everyone to think.

He threw all thoughts of Finn, his ‘stepbrother’ out of his mind as he dressed, anticipation of the date causing him to flush pink. Sam had asked him out the day before and when he’d told his dad he’d be going out with him, Burt Hummel had stared at him for what felt like minutes.

Kurt chuckled as he wriggled his way into his dark wash A&F jeans – yes, he had to admit they were kinda tight – and smoothed the legs before snapping the waist closed. Anyway, his dad had finally snapped out of it to ask about Sam.

“Isn’t he that blond kid that was the quarterback for a time? Wasn’t he supposed to be straight?” Burt had stared at his kid with a faintly suspicious glare. He didn’t want to bring up touchy subjects but he was praying Kurt wasn’t still falling for straight guys.

Kurt’s eyes had darkened as if he were reading his dad’s mind loud and clear. “Not to worry this time, dad, he came onto me. In fact, a couple of supposedly ‘straight’ guys have suddenly started widening their options, it seems.”

Burt hated the faint look of hurt in his son’s eyes that reminded him so much of his mother’s and now he hurried to clarify himself. “Look, kiddo, I just don’t want anyone stringing you along, okay? You mean too much to me to see you get hurt, that’s all I meant.”

He knew he could have been a bit more supportive of Kurt over the years and tried to understand what he was going through. He could only blame the fact that he had no reference for dealing with a gay person, much less his own son. Now, though, after all that had happened, he was determined to have Kurt’s back, no matter what. So, he smiled and reminded him of his curfew.

“You tell this Sam kid to have you home by 11, okay? It’s still a school night.” He released a tiny sigh of relief when he saw Kurt’s eyes soften and a little smile bloom on the fair face. It really didn’t take much to make the kid happy and that thought made his heart clench a bit.

Kurt had hugged his dad and dashed upstairs where Mercedes had been waiting and he’d begun going crazy on his wardrobe. Now, he was slipping on the red sweater with the wide neckline under which he was wearing a navy tank. He surveyed himself in the mirror and grinned, liking what he was seeing.

He bounced back out of the bathroom and sat before the mirror to begin taking care of his face. He’d cleaned it earlier and applied his favourite cucumber and mint moisturizer; now he simply had to line his lower lashes and apply a smear of cherry lip balm and he was good to go.

Mercedes, reclining on his bed behind him, smiled as she watched her friend grin excitedly at himself in the mirror. “Looking good, boo; I hope Sam appreciates you. If he acts the fool tonight, tell me and I’ll sort his ass out for you.”

Kurt rolled his eyes, spun around on his stool and crossed his legs at the knee. He smoothed his hand down the navy jeans with the thin red pin stripes and chuckled. “’Cedes, you’ve got to stop treating me like your little sister. Girl, I’m at least a foot taller than you, by this!”

She got up now and strode to peer into the dressing table mirror and tug at her hair. “Pfft, that might be so but I can still cut a boy for you if you say so. You’re my boy and no blond meathead is going to mess with you on my watch, get it?”

Kurt laughed as he shook his head; there was no way to convince his best friend that he was capable of fending off amorous jocks. Maybe it was because this was his first ever date with a boy, much less an athlete and she was concerned for his virtue.

He got up and took down a white pea coat, placing tissues, his lip balm, phone and credit card in the various pockets before he turned to her. He leaned into her and hugged her from behind, resting his head on her shoulder.

“You know I love you, right?” When he felt movement indicating that she’d nodded, he continued. “You’ve got to let me grow up, then. I can and will take care of myself if blondie gets out of hand, I promise.”

He felt her chuckle before he moved away towards the door and she followed him. “You’re damn right you’ll take care of it. I don’t want my dad to have to bail me out the Lima jail.”

Their laughter preceded them down the stairs and just as Kurt turned to his dad for his inspection, the doorbell rang. Mercedes moved to answer it before he could take a step and he huffed with impatience as she threw him a glare.

She yanked the door open, looked at Sam as he stared back at her like a deer caught in the headlights, and stepped back.

Sam swallowed at the fierce look on the black girl’s face and stepped gingerly by her. When his eyes fell on Kurt they lit up with genuine admiration before realizing the boy’s father was glaring at him from the living room doorway.

“Uh, hi_?” He glanced at Kurt for help but the boy just shrugged apologetically and turned to his dad.

“Dad, this is Sam Evans. He’s actually been here before; he hangs out with Finn, Puck, Artie and Mike sometimes, remember?”

Burt took great pleasure in seeing how intimidated Sam looked as he stared at him. The boy actually did look familiar and he also looked clean and presentable. He had on decent jeans that weren’t baggy but nowhere as tight as his son’s and a blue, checkered shirt beneath a black zip-up jacket. Hmmm, pretty respectable-looking kid, he was forced to admit. Even that yellow stuff he called hair looked freshly washed and was combed neatly.

Now he nodded at the kid and had to hold back a grin as the boy let out the breath he’d apparently been holding. “I told Kurt his curfew is midnight.” He ignored the tiny gasp he got from Kurt and the disbelieving look in his blue eyes. “See you have him here by a quarter of, at least.”

Sam looked confused but nodded nevertheless. Then he relaxed as he realized that, when they got back, he’d have a few minutes with Kurt before he had to go inside the house. He smiled widely now and thanked Mr. Hummel quietly.

“I’ll have him home on time, sir.” He looked down now at Mercedes who had continued to glare at him. “Hey, Mercedes, everything good?”

She stared at him for seconds before answering and Burt had to hold back a snicker. Boy, that girl was like a mother bear when it came to his son and he watched Kurt roll his eyes as he moved to stand beside Sam.

“Wassup, Evans; you know I’ll be watching you, right?” She watched the blond’s eyes widen and when he nodded quickly she continued. “Kurt, you’ll be telling me everything tomorrow. Now, go have fun. By the way, you’re dropping me off home first.”

She turned to Kurt’s dad with a sweet smile and with a lighter voice said, “’Night, Mr. Hummel, tell Carole ‘hi’ for me, please?” With a flutter of her fingers she stepped past the two boys and out the door.

Burt chuckled and looked at Kurt now. “Well, you heard the lady; get going!”

Kurt shook his head with a tiny frown between his eyebrows and with a wave to his dad, dragged Sam out the door after ’Cedes. He would be having words with that girl the next day and it wasn’t only going to be about his date with Sam!




If there was one word that would remind him later of his date with Sam it would be ‘fun’. The blond jock had driven them almost to the edge of Lima to a really nice little restaurant. Kurt had enjoyed the home-cooked style of the food, lamenting the demise of his diet as he tucked into the mashed potatoes and gravy. For once he condescended to have meat loaf and he promised his system that he’d give it only vegetarian dishes for the rest of the week.

Sam had been the perfect gentleman. In fact, he’d been really great and Kurt couldn’t remember the last time he’d laughed so hard, almost snorting his diet Coke at one point. Sam had seemed to go out of his way to keep Kurt in stitches and the diva had to shake his head sometimes and ask him to stop.

“Oh, Sam, you’re crazy! Oh my good Gaga, where did you learn all those impressions? When did you learn them all?”

Sam stared at his date’s sparkling eyes and rosy cheeks, Kurt’s pretty pink lips wide in a suppressed grin. He chuckled as he admitted: “I’m a huge movie nerd and you know I like video games, too. Still, movies, especially sci-fi and action stuff really get me going.”

Kurt nodded. “I can see that. When do you get time to do your schoolwork and go to football training and still watch all those movies? You must not sleep a lot.”

Sam shook his head, his blond fringe flopping about attractively. Kurt suppressed the urge to smooth the hair back into place and watched the boy play with the straw in his soda.

“No, I sleep enough; it’s just that I’ve been into this stuff since I was a little kid, real little. When all the other kids were out on the jungle gyms or running around beating each other up, I was inside watching old movies.”

Kurt looked interestedly at him. “Wow, that is cool; nerdy, but still cool.” He grinned as the blond beamed at him and then asked, “Are we ready or do you still have space for dessert?”

Sam looked at him in mock horror. “I’ll always have room for dessert, good Southern boy that I am!”

Kurt laughed and watched him call the waitress over and ask for a dessert menu. She quickly produced one and the two boys enjoyed teasing each other about what sweet they preferred.

Sam, unable to resist the opening, leaned toward Kurt across the table and Kurt automatically leaned forward to hear what he was whispering.

“Wanna know something?” When Kurt nodded, he lowered his voice seductively. “Nothing on this menu can hold a candle to your sweetness...”

Kurt lurched backward, his eyes wide and laughter breaking forth from him. “Oh, my gosh, Sam Evans. Ha, ha, haaaa, oh, man!”

Sam beamed proudly as he glanced back at the menu, happy that he’d managed to crack Kurt up again.

Kurt shook his head. “Boy, I think that one beat Puck’s ‘hold it against me line’!”

The boys continued bantering back and forth and when Kurt’s triple chocolate ice-cream and Sam’s pecan pie arrived, they shared with each other.

It really was a great date and when Sam pulled up almost on the dot of 11:45, Kurt turned to him and heaved a huge, satisfied sigh.

He smiled as the blond turned off the engine. “Sam, this was really, really good. I enjoyed myself a lot, thanks.”

Sam turned to stare at Kurt in the reflected light from outside the darkened interior of his car. “So, I might be rushing this but, uhm, will you go out with me again? Maybe on the weekend?”

Kurt smiled softly but shook his head once. “Oh, Sam, I don’t know. I mean, what are we doing here? Are you asking me to be your boyfriend… what?”

Sam glanced down at the hand he was holding; huh, he hadn’t even realized when he’d taken Kurt’s hand in his. He shrugged now and then squinted up at Kurt’s face, only partially visible in the low light.

He really liked Kurt and he thought he was hotter than most of the Cheerios, but, being boyfriends, walking through the hallways of McKinley holding hands, he wasn’t quite sure about that. At least, not yet.

The long-drawn out pause between Kurt’s question and Sam’s response that had yet to come made Kurt start to shut down. He was just about to tug his hand back when Sam pulled him forward and he ended up half on top of the other boy.

“Sam! Wha_” Kurt suddenly found Sam’s soft, large lips pressed against his and as he’d been about to speak, a slick, hot tongue slid inside his mouth. “Mmmf, Sam!” Kurt stared down into the glistening light blue eyes, his own wide and surprised.

Sam tugged Kurt firmly toward and kissed him again for longer this time, licking into Kurt’s mouth and groaning in the back of his throat. Kurt’s free hand came up to press against Sam’s nicely-muscular pectorals and he eased away slowly.

He watched as Sam’s eyes opened slowly, the pupils huge and black and he bit his lip, shaking his head again. “Oh, Sam, I don’t know… and you still haven’t answered me.”

Sam, his eyes glued to Kurt’s damp lips, licked his own and then smiled suddenly. “I was right, you know…”

Kurt frowned, a little confused and wondering what the blond was talking about now. “Right… about what?”

Sam smirked up at him, looking adorable with his lips flushed and his hair all tousled. “You really are sweet.”

Kurt grinned and looked at him resignedly. “You know, I better get inside before my dad comes out to see what we’re doing.”

He chuckled when Sam quickly dropped his hand and settled himself properly behind the steering wheel once more. And just in time, too, because Burt Hummel was suddenly seen to fling the front door open and come out onto the steps.

Kurt stared out at his dad for a few seconds and then turned back to Sam. “I really enjoyed tonight, Sam. Maybe we can do this again but, not too soon, okay?”

He leaned forward and pressed a soft little kiss to Sam’s cheek. He pulled back and with one last look, opened the door and jumped out. When he slammed the door closed he leaned into the window and smiled at the grinning blond.

“Drive safely, please, and oh, when you decide if you want a boyfriend, let me know.”

He stepped back and with a little wave, spun around and made his way up the brick-paved walkway to his waiting father. The two Hummel men watched as Sam tooted and drove off and Burt looked down at his smirking son.

“So, I take it you enjoyed yourself?”

Kurt slipped his arms around his dad and rested his head against the sturdy shoulder. He nodded and hummed. “Mmhmm, and he was the perfect gentleman, too.”

Burt grinned and turned them both to step inside the house, closing the door behind them before looking Kurt up and down. “So, is he your boyfriend now?”

Some of the light seemed to dim in Kurt’s blue-green eyes but he smiled softly. “Oh, I don’t know; I don’t think he’s ready for all that.”

He turned to head upstairs and paused when Finn came out of the kitchen, a milk mustache sitting ridiculously on his upper lip. Kurt rolled his eyes in faint disgust as the boy wiped it off with the back of his hand.

“How was your night, Finn? You did have a date, right?”

Finn nodded and after telling Burt goodnight, the two boys headed upstairs to their respective bedrooms.

“Yeah, but I got a little pissed off so I left early.”

Kurt twitched an eyebrow at him, not really caring but still a little curious. “Trouble in paradise again, huh?”

Finn shrugged, stuck his hands in his pockets and stared down at his ‘stepbrother’ who just happened to look really good in another of his super-tight jeans. This pair wasn’t as bad as some he wore to school but it was still tighter than anything other guys would wear.

Now he looked down at his feet before staring back at Kurt who was now standing at his bedroom door, one hand on the knob. “Kinda… it’s just that I knew you were on a date with Sam – and how weird is that, dude, I thought he was straight!”

Kurt rolled his eyes and wondered if he did it too often in one day if they would stick that way. He huffed at Finn now. “Look, Finn, I know you don’t really understand but most people’s sexuality is pretty fluid. Besides, we’re teenagers; we don’t have to be one thing or another until we’re older, in my opinion.”

Finn did a funny nodding/shrugging thing but he frowned as he said, “Well, I kinda don’t mind you seeing Sam, but just, please, be careful around Puck.”

Kurt gaped at him and then his stance relaxed a bit. “Oh, Finn, you don’t have to worry. Puck might like flirting with the ‘gay kid’ but he wouldn’t risk his sex-shark reputation to date me, okay? So you can relax.”

Finn nodded but looked at Kurt seriously. “Kurt, please, promise me you won’t date him if he asks. I’m dead serious.”

Kurt, his eyes wide, stared at the taller youth, taking in the pinched expression and the faster breathing. He simply nodded, though, and with a quick goodnight, stepped inside his bedroom. He closed the door and leaned against it, deep in thought and then shook his head as he moved away.

He shrugged out of his pea coat, removing the items from his pockets and then continued to prepare for bed, all the time going over the end of his date and the strange interaction with his ‘stepbrother’.

Kurt, in the midst of cleaning off his face, realized that his life had suddenly become a bit more complicated than he’d ever imagined. As he got into his sleep pants and an old worn t-shirt, his mind gradually turned to Puck.

He turned off the bedside lamps and smiled as he closed his eyes. The date with Sam had been really nice and he definitely wouldn’t mind doing it again. Casual was good but he didn’t want to run the risk of falling for the blond who might only be out for some fun. He knew how romantic, how sensitive he could be and if Sam made him fall in love with him and then just shrugged him off, he would just die.

Maybe he should just stay away from one-on-one dates he thought now as he yawned. They could just hang out in a group or something until Sam decided he wanted to be his boyfriend. Kurt smiled as he thought of the blond’s kiss; it had been nice but nothing earth-shattering.

Suddenly he shuddered as he recalled the feel of Puck’s body pressed up against his back in the hallway. In that split second when the mohawked teen had slid his arms around Kurt’s waist and whispered his corny line into his ear, he had felt sexier than Sam’s kisses had made him feel.

Without his control he suddenly wondered: I wonder what it would be like to kiss him? And his damned, traitorous cock twitched.

Oh, no, he thought, staring wide-eyed up at the dark ceiling. Crap! From his body’s response to the memory of that fleeting moment, it appeared he was, indeed, attracted to McKinley’s sex shark.

Kurt groaned and mentally kicked himself. Of all the people in the place, he had to go and find the most promiscuous boy hot. Ugh!

He flung himself onto his stomach, dragged one of his pillows over his head and screamed into the mattress. Gaga, no, anybody but Puck, he demanded silently. Just, not Puck, please!




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